Howdy Pardner-san!

Welcome to the year 2088.

The world has fallen on hard times. Most point back to 2016 when the eco-terrorist group known as NOAH unleashed Glutton. An engineered bacteria that consumed more than half the world’s known petroleum reserves. Only three years later humanity was struck another blow with 2019’s “Year of the Deluge” where the planet was wracked with quickly rising sea levels and several “hundred year” storms. Across the worlds several wars from the Chinese Bachelor War, Amazon Wars in South America, a Japanese military Coup, and increased aggression between India and Pakistan. For the second time nuclear weapons were used by man. A previously unknown terrorist group named The Way of Palestine sets off a “dirty” bomb in Jerusalem and hard-liners in the Israeli government strike back with nuking Mecca in 2028 kicking off the Israeli-Arab Nuclear War the results of which have caused the much of the Middle East to become a radioactive wasteland. Only a year later, India and Pakistan also engage in nuclear war resulting in Pakistan being wiped off the face of the planet.

These wars only aggravated an already sick global environment with the nuclear fallout beginning what is now referred to as, “The Death.” With such extreme climate change, drought caused crop failures cause massive famines across the globe. At the same time, cataclysmic storms pound human settlements particularly the coasts. Billions of lives are lost in the almost ten years of the death.

During this time many nations expand and some break down into smaller ones. The former nation of China now called, The Chinese Mandarinate, annexes much of Asia. The nations of Europe merge to form the Greater Eurasian Union, and this Union brings together many of the north nations of Africa together in the South Eurasian Union. Most of Africa no longer receiving assistance from nations too crippled to help unite to form the Central African Union. This Union now capable to stop many of the warlords and internal strife that had plagued then in previous centuries. All the countries of the continent of South America merge into two nations, the highly religious New Brasilia, or the Nation of South America. Where much of the world merges nations under a single flag, the United States did the opposite. The former world power became stretched too thin with the number of disasters both natural and man made to hold together. It split into several nations: Atlantica, The Great Lakes Union, The North American Coalition, Republic of Cascades, and Texas.

In the 21st Century many advances in technology as been invented that blur the line of man and machine and raises questions on what it means to be human. Nearly everyone in first world civilization have a Tendril Access Process or TAP. This remarkable device allows the user to access the billions of computer processors that surround them in everything from streetlights, cars, even personal electronics. From these computers, the user can experience Hyper Reality and the Deep.

Hyper Reality is a computer generated overlay of the real world. It provides a plethora of information literally at the users finger tips. Directions, statistics, names, advertisements, and more can be experienced through hyper reality via a semi-transparent overlay of the world. Any user can nearly instantly bring up what ever information on a person, place, using their TAP and hyper reality. The TAP is so integrated into society that those who either cannot or will not have a TAP installed are grouped in with those with learning disabilities and mental retardation. In fact, most non-TAP users will be looked down more so that the previous mentioned groups.

The Deep is a virtual world that exists partly in Hyper Reality but also in a virtual space all of its own as users, often referred to as divers or surfers, go deep into its electron world. Users with a TAP can actually move about in hyper reality so long as their are enough processors available to support their ghosting avatar. While they cannot truly interact with the reality, they can manipulate hyper reality nearly as well as someone their in the flesh. Additionally, divers can enter pocket worlds in the Deep much like internet users once visited websites. The Deep is a completely digital world or more accurately worlds. The largest of which are video games which can actually be just as large as the earth itself.

Technology has also allowed the merging of machines with man in the form of cybernetics. These cybernetic implants allow the human body feats not normally possible potentially increase the recipient’s speed, strength and/or endurance among other fantastic abilities. In addition to cyberware, advances in biology have created bioware which can alter the genetic make up of a person. It is these technolies that blur the line on what it means to be human.

Humanity has been able to create machines in their image. These devices/entities are called androids were are advanced artificial intelligences given humanoid form. Similar to androids in purpose but made biologically are Simulacrums. They are vat grown clones/humans with implanted memories and skills to serve the purpose they were created for. Both groups often times are considered nothing more than objects. With advances in gene therapy, humanity has the power to not only eliminate genetic diseases but improve upon their parents before birth. Even once someone is born they can have their genetic code spliced to suit their preference.

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