Androids and cyborgs Androids are robots given humanoid form. Made of lightweight polymers, metals, and plastics with hydraulic fluid for blood, fiber-optic cables for nerves it obvious these are machine people. With the creation of the Simulacrum there was never a need to finish research to make androids look completely human. The closest technology left life-like androids firmly in the uncanny valley. Most androids human in shape and can’t pass as human under scrutiny. Cyborgs on the other hand, are humans that have had their brains and spinal cords installed into a mechanical body. Early cyborgs an attempt at life extension before cloning and Simulacrum technology was perfected. Any current cyborgs are often the result of weapons experimentation or extreme cyber-fetishists.

Eugenic Humans AKA Humans 2.0. As gene therapy became better and better it was not simply enough for many wealthy parents that their child would be less prone to genetic diseases. They wanted their children to have a step up over others before they were even born. Humans 2.0 had were given the best genes their parents could offer plus an additional boost making them biologically superior to normal humans.

Humans Most people on planet Earth are largely born and live the way they always have. Sure technology is more advanced and nearly everyone in the first world has a TAP, but as the saying goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Simulacrum One of the latest in human race technology, they are artificial human grown in a biological vat and imprinted with fake memories and education to help in performance of their purpose. Simulacrum largely work in the service industries where androids can’t fulfill customer service nearly as well, but Simulacrum also can work manual labor jobs too as Labor Simulacrums are cheaper and easy to work with than androids.

Splicers These are people who have undergone radical post natal gene therapy. Many have altered their DNA certain or unique traits such as pointed ears, six fingers, or greatly altered height. While some have introduced animal DNA into thier own taking on traits of said animal. In most parts of the world, splicing is taboo if not outright illegal, but there are always doctors willing to take are patients money to perform the procedure and few countries ban splicers themselves.


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