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Some conceits of this setting as portrayed on this wiki that vary from the original setting book and/or concepts for this campaign:

  • This campaign (as the setting does in general) makes references and pays homage to previous works of cyberpunk. In particular the books Neuromancer and Snow Crash. Or at least the beginning of Snow Crash. In my mind’s eye I wish to invoke a Anime sense of artistry as seen in Ghost in the Shell or Wicked City (minus the demons).
  • Players in this game should know up front that I intend to hand out few Bennies per session. They can expect only one perhaps two (in addition with their starting amount) per session. These will almost be entirely earned through the player character’s Hindrances becoming a major complication or obstacle during the session. Players are strongly encouraged to weave their complications into the story and work with the game master hinder the player character. The game master will occasionally offer a Bennie for comprising potential advantage or safety for a Bennie in favor of potentially better story/role playing angle. The player can choose to ignore this, let’s call it a bribe, unless the situation plays into one the character’s hindrances. If the player character’s hindrance is involved the player must give up one of their Bennies and not receive the addition Bennie. This effect will be used sparely by the game master.
  • The Chinese NuYuan ¥ is considered the current global standard in currency since the break up of the United States. However like all currencies, it has also suffered from hyper-inflation though not nearly as bad a the North America dollar which fluctuates around ¥1 = $1,000,000. This means that even the cheapest of goods or services are several millions of dollars in North America.

Player’s Section

Glossary Special terms, slang, lingo, and jargon used in the Interface Zero campaign setting as well as words specifically for this wiki.
House Rules This a list of rule changes and setting choices for this campaign.
Campaigns There are a number of different stories types that can be made into a campaign in Interface Zero. Before even making characters everyone should be on the same page as to what the game is going to be about.

Character Creation

Archetypes A number or different character concepts to help players chose what they want to play.
Race In 21st century humanity used technology to split wildly varied groups.
Skills The skills used in Interface Zero and how players can expect them to be used.
Hindrances A list of Hindrances for use in Interface Zero.
Edges A list of Edges for use in Interface Zero.
Initial Gear For ease of character creation, this is a list of items broken into points for players to purchase for their character. For equipment after character creation, check the Items tab for the gear used in Interface Zero. This tab is broken up by corporation and includes cybernetics. Players wanting special cybernetics will have to refer to the IZ book cybernetics creation rules.


Africa This continent made great gains since the beginning of the 21st century. From nearly imploding upon itself from poverty and disease, many of the nations of Africa combined to form the Central African Union while others combined into the Southern Eurasian Union. Today, most of the continent has taken a stance of total isolationism behind what is referred to as, “the Ivory Curtain.”
Asia Much of east Asia has been consolidated in either the New Chinese Mandarinate or the Japanese Techno Shogunate. Most of the world’s popular media is produced in India. The Middle East is largely an inhospitable radioactive wasteland.
The Deep While not a physical place it is a world of its own. Virtual world filled with virtual cities connected by electron highways.
Orbit platforms For those that can afford it, living aboard this massive orbiting space platforms provides escape from the troubles found down on Earth.
Europe All of the nations of Europe have created a Union.
The Moon While there isn’t as many people living in crater colonies as there are living on orbital platforms there are entire cities on the surface of the moon.
Mu This mysterious artificial floating island is more than 20 km in diameter drifting the Pacific Ocean currents. Made of hexagonal cells of blue-green plastic-like materials no one knows why Niles Auburn constructed it nearly thirty years ago.
North America With the break up of the United States the political make up this continent has change more in the last 50 years than it has in the 150 before it.
South America

System Rules

Hacking For this game hacking and programs work differently that presented in the core Interface Zero book.
Zeeks A brief description of psionists for this setting slightly altered from that of the original material.

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