Initial Gear

The setting of Interface Zero involves more equipment and equipment choices that the many standard Savage Worlds games. This ‘gunporn/cyberporn’ is genre convention I want to keep that for my game, but at the same time, I want players to be able to make their characters quickly and easily and the amount of options can be daunting (not to mention dealing with hyper-inflation). to ease this, I have created a table where gear is given a simple point value (1 point = 1,000,000,000) that allows the player to easily select the gear they want for their character.

Players have 3 points to purchase gear. Edges such as Rich, Filthy Rich, and Modification Upgrade also yield additional points. Rich + 1 Gear Point, Filthy Rich + 1 (+ 2 total), and Modification Upgrade + 2 points for use only on Cyberware/Bioware.

0 Gear Points (all characters may take up to two items off this list)

Any Open Market (non-restricted/military) weapon
10 doses of any drug/drug patch
Any Program with a Rating of 1

1 Gear Point

Any Doc Pango! or Gutterware cybernetics
Any Program with a Rating 2
One Drone of 40,000,000,000 or less
One Car of 60,000,000,000 or less (more expensive vehicles are often used cars)
Mobile Trauma Unit
Silent Communication System
Any Burst Transmitters
Kensia Shop Fabricator
an additional 2 items from any list of lesser Gear Point cost

2 Gear Points

Any Streetware cybernetics
Any Program with a Rating 2
Any Open Market (non-restricted/military) vehicle
Open Market (non-restricted/military) Drone
A military restricted weapon
Mechatronics Super-Fabiman

3 Gear Points

Any Hyperchrome cybernetics
Any Program with a Rating 3
Any Drone that can be found on the black market
Any Golemmech

Initial Gear

Interface Zero: Samurai Cowboy Henshin_Gai