House Rules

Called Shot: Legs: By attacking the legs of an opponent, the attacker forces an Agility roll or be knocked Prone. Prone characters use half their Pace to stand up.

Cover Fire: A character, with a RoF: 2 or greater weapon with at least ten times the ROF ammunition, may make a Shooting roll to place a Medium Burst Template within range. The roll suffers recoil, range, lighting, and cover penalties as normal, and can deviate if the roll fails.
All characters in the affected area must make an opposed Spirit roll, modified by cover. Failure of the Spirit roll means the character is Shaken. A 1 on the Spirit die means the character was hit by a bullet (roll damage).
The template remains on the field until the shooter’s next turn. Any character in the template attempting to take an action requires another modified Spirit roll, against the original TN. Any character wishing to enter the template also requires a Spirit roll.
The attack uses the weapon’s ROF times 10 in ammunition. A roll of a 1 on the Shooting die means the weapon has malfunctioned and requires a Repair check to get back in action.

Double Handling: If a character wields a melee weapon with two hands that is not normally two-handed, they may ignore the Minimum Strength requirement and gain a + 2 to being disarmed (as per all two handed weapons). Additionally, they suffer a -1 to Parry.

Dual Wielding: A character wielding two weapons that cause Strength + d8 (or greater) or require a Minimum Strength of d8 (or greater). Suffer a -1 to Parry and Attack rolls in addition to any other penalties.

Jack of All Trades Edge: Characters with this Edge also receive a +1 to their Common Knowledge rolls.

Non-Gritty Damage: I want the players to engage in high action scenes without a great about fear of losing or maiming their character instantly. While this is still possible under the normal Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, the probability is greatly reduced.

Non-Lethal Damage: All blunt weapons can cause non-lethal damage without any penalty to wield. The player simply states that the attack is non-lethal and attacks normally. Wounds from non-lethal attacks can be healed either normally or with natural healing rolls. Natural Healing rolls are made every 5 hours rather than every five days.

Performing actions that normally require two hands with one hand: Any character attempting something that normally requires both hands with only one of their hands suffers a -4 to any roll involved per the One Armed Hindrance.

Skill Changes: Already mentioned in the Skills section, but I have changed a few of the skills to be either more attractive for purchase (in the case of Athletics and Profession) or more indicative of what they do (Thievery).

Tests of Wills: The +2 bonus can be yielded by by the character making the Test of Wills to another character within 6". Character’s with Common Bond or Command increase this distance to 12".

Targeting Limbs: If a character makes Called Shots to the arms or legs (or other limbs) they cause damage as normal. However, if the character is Incapacitated from such Wounds, they cannot be killed no matter how bad the roll. Any injuries are not randomly chosen, rather the one most applicable will be chosen instead.

House Rules

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