Pizza Delivery Company Front

Location: Chicago, Free City

The Pitch: The players take the role of a semi-legal team of troubleshooters who operate a legitimate franchise of Dominator Pizza. The players can choose either to simply be employees of the Dominator Pizza or actually manage the franshise themselves. Either way they need to make sure that the ’za gets to the customer in thirty or less. As trouble shooters they perform the standard shadowy jobs hired out by the usually Mr. Smith/Mr. Johnson.

Starting Characters: 25 XP, Driving d6, and access to Dominator Delivery car. Managing players will start a DP Delivery/Dine-In Building, 4-6 employees, 4 Dominator Delivery Cars.

Roommates of the Band

Location: Chiba City, Japan

The Pitch: The player characters are seasoned troubleshooters (or toraburushūta) who all happen to be roommates/dating/good friends with an local rock band called Samurai Cowboy.

Raiders of the Middle East

Location: Village just outside the Middle East Nuclear Zone

The Pitch: The player characters are ex-pats who have formed a golemmech mercenary team. Based outside of the Middle East Nuclear Zone they raid it for treasure and occasionally become involved in local conflicts.

Starting Characters: 25 XP, Golemmech Training Edge, and their choice in Golemmech. The group can decide on a base of operation where they repair/store their golemmechs.


Interface Zero: Samurai Cowboy Henshin_Gai