Note: the Occupation packages will not be used in this game. All starting player characters start with 5,000,000,000,000 and 1,000,000 x Profession skill die type. This may seem like a lot of money if you haven’t read about hyper inflation. To grasp the value of money in 2088 1,000,000 is about $1000 was in 2000.

Group Concepts

Interface Zero can be played on a number of different levels based on the character concepts that the players intend to take the role of. To this aim, all players (including the Game Master) should spend some time before doing anything. The following are archetypes and roles categorized by group concepts.

Roles: This is the general function of certain archetypes that help the player determine what character will bring to the group dynamic. The basic roles in a group are: Combat, Force Multiplier, Social, Stealth, and Tech.
Combat characters are ones that focus a significant portion of advances toward Fighting, Shooting and Throwing while investing combat edges. while most characters will have some amount this, these characters’ focus give the team battle advantage. Just make sure to have something to offer the team outside of a fight. Examples of combat characters are: Bodyguards, Bounty Hunters, Ex-Soldier, Gangander, Mercenary, Mob Torpedo, Street Ronin,
Force Multiplier characters are specialists that augment the team’s capabilities. They fill the cracks in the team and often times they are the ones doing the legwork on gather information. Former Police, Gear heads, jump bike racers, paramedics, pilots, pizza delivery drivers, private detectives, sanitation workers, street docs and even Zzeks can fall into this role.
Social characters are the ones that get the team jobs, use social engineering to collect data and bypass systems and if good enough negotiate better pay. Examples are: corporate executives, crime bosses, fixers, medica icons, and tridio reporters.
Stealth characters allow the team to reduce the risk of combat and therefor death. At the same time, they attempt to keep the team’s antimony so they won’t be doing hard time or worse. These characters could be: agents, assassins, cleaners, neo-ninjas, or smugglers.
Tech characters are the ones that use bleeding edge technology such as cybernetics, drones, computer programs, and hacking to accomplish the teams goals. Every team of operatives are going to need an expert hacker eventually and probably sooner than later. Possible choices for tech characters are: drone rigger, hacker, pirate blogger, or programmer.

Freelance Troubleshooters

This is considered the default game concept for this wiki. The group is a team of experts who work for a number clients clandestine and many times legally questionable to outright illegal. This jobs are usually given by a Mr. Smith, Mr. Johnson, or other false persona acting as the middleman between the actual client and the team so the actual client can have plausible definably. These jobs often include corporate espionage, data extraction, sabotage, theft of advance tech, and even assassination.

Bounty Hunter

Role: Combat/Stealth
You use your wits and determination to track down and capture other people. Most bounty hunters work in the gray but law abiding area to catch bail jumpers and outlaws. However, some hunters are little more than assassins hunting down men and women for criminal organizations who want their quarry dead or alive.
Suggested: Strength, Vigor, Fighting, Intimidation, Notice, Streetwise, Tracking, Alertness


Role: Force Multiplier/Social
You know how to get things: guns, programs, drugs, information, and jobs. You have multiple contacts and keep your finger on the pulse of the gray and black markets of your region. Some fixers live on the edge pushing risky businesses where one botched deal can mean their life.
Suggested: Smarts, Spirit, Notice, Persuasion, Streetwise, Charismatic, Contacts


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