Interface Zero: Samurai Cowboy

Treasure Recoverers

Location: Chiba City, Japan

The player characters receive word that a Mr. Tanaka (a standard alias employed by middlemen/fixers when seeking freelance troubleshooters in Japan) is looking to hire a team to recover a valuable artifact. Anyone that sniffs around to learn more about this particular Mr. Tanaka discover he is seems to do allot work for the New Shogunate. on one knows exactly which artifact a the government wants back although speculation circulates it could be anything from General Oda Nobunaga’s sword and personal letters to the last will and testament of Shogun Minotoro naming his successor should he die.

If the team is interested the job they simply contact the Mr. Tanaka who arranges a meeting at minor government building to discuss the job and terms of the contract. At the meeting the team must agree to a non-disclosure agreement. This is the first time the Mr. Tanaka has done something like this so he attempting to be extra mysterious in hopes of seeming like he knows what he doing and that he has far more resources should the team double-cross him. He explains that recently a headpiece and armor that belonged to the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea were stolen. The government has no yet released this fact and hopes to maintain face by having the troubleshooters reclaim the artifacts before they are fenced.

Mr. Tanaka knows the following:

  • He knows that the thieves were professional mercenaries breaking into the Tokyo National Museum. They couldn’t bypass the alarm to the display that contained the artifacts, but had enough fire power to shoot their way out. The mercs killed four security replicants, and another two innocent Simulcram while their were exercising their employer’s dog late at night and injuring half a dozen more on the high speed chase. They lead the police on a chase escaping when they reached a high-speed boat and used an anti-aircraft shoulder fired missile to blow up a pursuing chopper killing all aboard. None of this has been reported yet, and Mr. Tanaka hopes it doesn’t have to be.
  • The leader of the mercenary team is still unknown but a blurry image of them was captured while they were fleeing. Have all the player role a d20. Whoever rolled the highest can choose to recognize this person as an old friend of theirs who they lost touch with years ago. The player receives a Benny if they can come up with a good back story for the merc leader and their character.
  • The mercenary team was spotted at Mikura Island by an observation post continuing south toward Aogashima Island southernmost island of the of the Izu archipelago. There boat was no moving very fast and looked severely damage from the Tokyo Bay firefight. While Aogashima is still technically in the Tokyo metroplex (at almost 250 km away), they haven’t any real police forces on the island which is little more than a small village and a tropical resort for the wealthy.

He has also discovered that a seaplane full a rich tourists from Korea will be arriving to Aogashima Island in 36 hours leaving in less than 18 hours. Mr. Tanaka believes this will be the best opportunity for the buyer’s representative to meet with the mercenary team to make the exchange. Mr. Tanaka is pulling strings to get a surveillance satellite to watch all traffic coming in and out to the island.

Depending on the Reputation of the team he will pay them up to half in advance. If not he will advance the team enough money to charter a boat/chopper/airplane to make their way out to Aogashima Island. The team is on a deadline and the price and nature of the vehicle they choose uses up various amounts of time.

At the island
The team discovers that hyper reality is fairly spotty and weak. While the network systems aren’t that advanced they don’t have much range (without penalty) and aren’t that connected.

A note about the Adventure Log

I really want to use this section of the wiki for my personal adventure ideas that any other game master can come by and take a look for use in their game. That said, it I do run this game. The adventure posted here are off limits to the players of this game.


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