Wasteland Traders


“We bring quality goods to the wastelands so you don’t have to.”

Are you planning a trip out into the wastelands, amigo? Well, don’t leave your cribsec without being fulling equipped with the gear to keep some mouth-breathing savage mutant from getting the best of you. We at Wasteland Traders—a subsidiary of Urban Punk—would like to take a moment to explain that we understand the dangers of life out and away from the sprawl out in the tox-zones and badlands. Where it is killed or be killed. Our gear is designed rugged to last the harsh conditions out there, and everything we build is designed to keep working out there. From our solar powered energy cells standard in all of our powered products to most basic melee weapon.



Tox-Seal Hazmat Bodyarmor

Sometimes you might find yourself in the middle of a firefight while trapped in a toxic waste dump battling bio-horrors and mutants. With our Tox-Seal Bodyarmor you will be well protected from radiation, toxic fumes, and other hazardous elements while having the ballistic protection of the next leading brand of assault armor. Our suits are designed with damage in mid as underneath the armored plates is an advanced self-sealing liner to reduce the risk of punctures in the armor leaking in undesirable toxins and poisons.

Armor: +3 Weight: 18 Notes: Environmental Protection

Melee Weapons

Chain Sword
Rocket Hammer

Wasteland Traders

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