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Her at Sudeki Whyte, we understand the need to balance quality with affordability. We offer superior power armor and golemmechs meet that all important crossroads between performance and cost with excellent Japanese design. We know it won’t matter if you manage to take control of that pesky rogue nation if you drain your coffers to do so. While at the same time you don’t want to suffer a miltary coup of your own because your soldiers keep dying off. In short, you need the state-of-art in powered armor technology offered only at Sudeki Whyte!


Power Armor

EVA “Grunt” Combat Armor

This is our best seller even among are already popular EVA brand suits. Mass produced to keep cost down that we pass on to you. These suits are standard for many nation mobile infantry units with full environmental seals of up to eight hours of operation in deep space as well as 100 meters underwater. The suit provides enhances the wearers strength (+1 Strength rolls and Strength linked skill rolls) with its hydraulic actuators and servos.

Weapons: Forearm mounted assault rifle (Range: 24/48/96 Damage: 2d8 RoF: 3 Shots: 100 Notes: Auto, Three-Round-Burst)

Armor: 4 Weight: 450 Powered down

EVA Chameleon


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Sudeki Whyte

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