Shogun Outfitters


“Merging the Old World with the New.”

At Shogun Outfitters we are dedicated to bringing back the “bushido,” or warrior’s way back into your bushido code. We merge traditional Nipponese aesthetics with modern weapons and armor technology. You may look like you stepped out of the Warring states period, but your war will be state-of-the-art, period.



Shinobi Infilration Suit

Do you require the way of the ninja on your next mission? Equip your shikaku with our Shinobi infiltration suit. Your target will believe in the shadow magic of the ninja once again with the suit’s form fitting nanoweave carbon fiber and sound damping tabi boots (providing a 2 on Stealth rolls). This armor provides complete protection of the wearer and has custom made, razor-lined vambracers (1 Parry and +1 Climbing checks to slow when within reach of a surface).

Cost: ¥6,000,000,000
Armor: +2
Weight: 7
Protects: head, torso, arms, legs
Notes: +1 Parry, +2 Stealth
Upgrades: built-in night vision goggles with flash compensators 2,000,000, IR defeating paint scheme 3,000,000,000, Smoke canisters 250,000

Shogun Combat Armor

Thsi is Tokyo favorite for corporate security as well as the Chiba City ‘street samurai.’ The Shogun Combat Armor is our flagship line in full body armor providing top-of-the-line protection from both ballistic and melee weapons. In fact, this suit is rated to take a full attack from a traditional katana. We assure you that you will feel like a fearless samurai warrior in any combat in the highly stylized and effective armor.

Cost: ¥7,000,000,000
Armor: +4
Weight: 30
Protects: head, torso, arms, legs
Notes: Comm Link
Upgrades: Encrypted Comm Link, Vital Sign Monitor

Melee Weapons

Dragonfly War Fan

With the beatifically painted war fans, also known as tessen, you receive more than a fantastic piece of Japanese art. These elegant silk and plastisteel fighting fans can be concealed were obvious weapons are prohibited just like in ancient times by the kunoichi or female ninja. They are sold in pairs and serve as small clubs, defensive weapons, and thrown weapons. Your choice of: Geisha Girls, Kabuki Theater Scene, Ksnji Symbol(s): please specify, Mount Fuji, Paper Lanterns, Samurai Warrior, or Shogun.

Cost: ¥1,000,000 (sold in a pair)
Range: 4/8/16 Damage: Str + d4 Weight: 1 Notes: +1 Parry when using Defend or Full Defense)

Manrikigusari Fighting Chain

This 1 meter long chain is tipped with two-steel weights on both ends, and is the prefect weapon in those situations you need your target to be taken in alive.

Cost: ¥50,000
Damage: Strength + d6 Weight: 2 Notes: Reach + 1, Tripping attacks + 2

Musashi Katana and Wakizashi

This fine set of traditional samurai weapons have received a facelift with the most advanced in steel alloys and laser etched blades. While they are beautiful enough to be a display piece, make no mistake, these are field ready weaponry and the choice of Japan’s best ronins.

Cost: ¥3,000,000 (for the set)
Katana (Damage: Strength + D6 + 2 Weight: 6 Notes: When used with Wakizashi MAP to dual wield only -1 Penalty)
Wakizashi (Damage: Strength + d4 +1 Weight: 4 Notes: When used with Katana MAP to dual wield only -1 Penalty)

Sanjuro Katana

This is Shugun Outfitter’s finest weapon. Modeled after the legendary sword maker Masamune, this blade is made of the finest material and carbon monofilament making it sharpest blade on the open market. Remember that trideo of the street ronin cutting through a tank? This was the weapon that did that.

Cost: ¥7,000,000,000
Damage: Str + d6 + 2 Weight: 6 Notes: AP 2, Heavy Weapon

Whirlwind Butterfly Swords

Shogun Outfitters

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