Malbrand Corp.


Our prices are Always the lowest…Always!

We are the largest and single most common retailer of well everything. We carry everything from clothing, food, housewares, cybernetics, personal electronics, weapons, home & garden supplies, armor, automobiles, sporting goods, tools, and anything else you need. If it’s in high demand you can find in at you local Malmart. And we won’t be undersold.

How do we do it? Good question. First we construct a huge retailer center making full use of any regional business loopholes and using the cheapest of building materials placing our overhead at no more than a quarter of what you think it would be. Then we undercut all the local businesses though bulk purchasing power. We force manufactures to sell us their product at 100,000 less than they do to our competitors, and because we buy so much they have to play ball. Finally we pay our employees the minimal wages except in regions where simulacrum are fully considered property. The we don’t pay them at all! All these saving are passed on to you the consumer.

See ensure complete and total advertising dominance. Surely, you haven’t see our hyper reality billboards and Deep commercials ruining on your TAP no stop? Here’s a sample: “We got everything from the latest armor and weapons, to the hottest downloads and avatars for yout TAP. Wanna get the scan on the latest trends in gene therapy, music, MMORPG’s and gangland fashion? Malmart’s got you cover. Need to renew your subscription on Blood Throne Online or Fat Sally’s Ribs and Chicken? No worries friend. Take a seconf and set your TAPprefs to capture this cata-stream and enjoy! Because at Malmart our prices are Always the lowest…Always!”


Delivery Services

Ya gotta eat friend, but sometimes you just don’t have the time in your busy schedule to go down to the local EAT OR DIE! stop-N-go shack or even your nearest Malmart even if chances are there is one within a kilometer no matter where you live in the sprawl. That’s fine, friend, we’ve hooked you up here at Malmart with contracts through these great (not as great as Malmart) food delivery companies.

Fat Sally’s Ribs and Chicken

Ya’all want the best darn clone ribs and chickin in the ol’ plex but can’t make the trip to one of our mighty fine eating establishments? Well that’s fine honey. Fat Sally herself has a deal fer you. Grab some of Fat Sally’s clone pork spare ribs in her famous barbeque sauce or maybe some southern fried chicken. Why not make it both? See why we were voted best BBQ joint in Chicagoland three years running!


  • “Goin’ Solo” Package: ¥50,000 per month you get four deliveries of our single serving meals delivered right to your OOL! You get your choice of a full slab of ribs, a twelve piece order of Hot n’ Zesty chicken smackers, or a three piece chicken meal with four planks of battered and fried cloned catfish. Each meal comes with your choice of side (Barbeque beans, cornbread, fresh coleslaw, macaroni & cheese, sweet potato, Cajun-style fries, hush puppies, or soy rolls (real flour cost extra). Each delvier comes with napkins, tons of napkins. You’re goin’ to need ’em.
  • Two fer Two Package: Bring that sweet little thing with you on a date back to your place. For ¥75,000, you get everythin’ the Goin’ Solo package got ya but little extra of the main meal and three sides to choose from! We don’t know the meaning of skimp here at Fat Sally’s and there will be enough food for even the hungriest of dates.
  • The CRUNCHCAR Special: The hands down favorite for all you jump-bike and sports fans out there. The CRUCHCAR sepcial really piles on the grub. For only ¥100,000 a month you will get enough food to feed even the most rapid of race fans. The package gets one delivery with enough food for ten people to any location of your choice. Did someone say Tailgate party?
Dominator Pizza

You know our motto: 30 minutes or less of it’s FREE!!! At Domniator Pizza that has always been or motto and it always will. We know that you work hard hours to a boss that doesn’t appropriate the long hours and low pay. But we at Dominator Pizza do. We know your busy schedule doesn’t allow for waiting. That’s why our delivery specialists go through a rigorous 13 weeks of extensive training in the such areas as traffic conditions and urban combat, honing theirs skills to a fine monofilament edge before we let them deliver you the freshest, tastiest pizzas in the sprawl, omae. All of our high-performance vehicles are fitted with the latest in S.O.T.A. in VCR tech, and why are pies come wrapped in Volcano heaters to ensure your delivery is NOVA hot!


  • Standard Delivery Contract:
  • Chrome Delivery Contract:
  • Platinum Delivery Contract:

Chances are their is an EAT-OR-DIE! shack on a corner near you, but even that amazing convenience isn’t goo enough for you. You have have places to be, dude. Not even a minute can be wasted to but some WIRED energy drinks and some Rocket Ramen to quiet that grumbling stomach. What you need is what we got. And we’ll get it to you where ever you may be, bro.


  • Mandatory Munchies Delivery Contract:
  • 2-Bagger Contract:
  • Food For A Month Contract:
Jalapeno Bob’s Tacos

That’s a bunch of Tex-Mex!
For over 20 years, Jalapeno Bob has brought you the very best in mobile Mexican food in the sprawl. Now, he’s bringing it right to your front door. You want some hot and spicy good Mexican food like: sizzling fajitas, crunchy (and soft) tacos, rich enchiladas, and filling burritos? You got it, amigo! Jalapeno Bob knows how Mexican food should taste, and that’s why he only uses specially prepared free-range cloned “Prime Angus” beef and chickens in his food. Our spices are imported all the way from Mexico City for that authentic flavor. We pick the best veggies in certified INSTAgrow agropods, ensuring the freshest, zestiest Pico de gallo you’ll find anywhere on Earth. Remember, every Jalapeno Bob food contract is delivered with a 1 Kg bag of complimentary soy tortilla chips and a liter of our Flamin’ Jalapeno Salsa!


  • Taco Fever:
  • Durango Special:
  • Montezuma’s Revenge:
  • Personal Gorda Feliz Package:
Mama Ling-Ling Noodle Express


Blood Throne Online

Can you survive the Age of Blood?
It has been ten years since Agarazon the Betrayer opened the stone gates and unleashed war on the world. Ten long years that saw the ruthless Keza-Drak—monstrous invaders from another world—wreak havoc upon the free people of Simarra. The survivors of this age of blood have been driven to the brink of annihilation, scattered throughout the lands, forced to live as best they can in remote freeholds; tiny bastions of safety in an otherwise brutal world fraught with all manner of perils.

But hope is not yet lost.

Valiant heroes have come forth to fight against the encroaching darkness, bring what comfort and hope they can to the disspossed, wretched masses of the world. Refusing to simply lay down and let the forces of darkness have their world, these heroes bring the fight to Keza-Drak and the minions of Agarazon, fighitng against overwhelming odds to ensure that good does not vanish from the face of Simarra.
Will you be one of them?

Over 20 million people across the globe have joined the fight against the minions of the Betrayer, and now you can too for the low, low price of ¥50,000 per month!

50 Fathoms
The Savage World of Solomon Kane
Totems of the Dead

Various Products

Game Note: This is a list of everyday brand name items to help with immersion in the setting.

GUTbuster Soda
Jalapeno Bob’s Flamin’ Jalapeno Salsa
King Krill Brand canned krill
Sticky Peanut Butter
Red Apples Cigarettes
Rocket Ramen Instant Noodles
Soy-Joy energy snack bars
WIRED Energy Drinks

Malbrand Corp.

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