Hostile Merger

Corporate protection clothing


With more than thirty years of experience in business class protective clothing and armor, Hostile Merger understands the needs of today’s busy executives to be protected but also maintain their professional image. Our “Executive Decision™” product line offers exactly that. Armor custom tailored for you to keep you looking sharp in the board room as well as during a fire fight. You will have no problem keeping your cool in any high stress environment knowing you made the right executive decision™.

Hostile Merger offers armor disguised as business wear. While the company tries to maintain the image they only tailor high end suits for mega-corp executives, the truth is they have a wide price range for business professionals of all income brackets from CEOs to bodyguards, to cubicle drones.

Executive Decision Business Suit

Cost: ¥2,500,000,000 to ¥1,000,000,000,000,000
Armor: +1
Weight: 8
Protects: torso, arms, legs
Notes: -4 notice to detect wearing armor, concealed holster -2 to detect holdout weapon
Upgrades: vital sign monitor ¥2,500,000

Executive Decision Tactical Armor

Cost: ¥5,000,000,000
Armor: +3
Weight: 10
Protects: torso, arms, legs
Notes: notice to detect wearing armor, vital sign monitor, encrypted communicator

Executive Decision Combat Vest

Cost: ¥1,750,000,000
Armor: +2
Weight: 6
Protects: Torso
Notes: -4 notice to detect wearing armor
Upgrades: vital sign monitor ¥2,500,000

Hostile Merger Vital Sign Monitor

Cost: ¥2,000,000
Weight: 1
Notes: +1 bonus to Healing rolls made on owner
Upgrades: drug patch administer ¥1,500,000

Hostile Merger

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