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Harbin “Huangfeng III” Stealth Drone

This is the smallest and most invisible flight capable drone on the market. Like previous Huangfeng models previous, this drone utilizes whisper quiet electric duct fans (producing less than 20 dB sound!) with our new smart camouflage skin for the ultimate in stealth. The drone is equipped standard with good quality ‘plug-and-play’ sensor suite that can easily be changed out or ungraded for more advanced packages. The onboard computer has state-of-the-art subroutines that allow the drone operate without external controls. You will think the drone has its own A.I.! The unit comes with a portable compact hard carrying case with built in controls.

Equipment: autonomous computer (Piloting d6, Stealth d10), encrypted remote control (Knowledge: Cryptography d8 to resist Hacking/Lockpicking attempts) GPS, low light optic systems, shotgun High-Def microphone, telescopic High-Def video camera

Cost: ¥40,000,000,000 Availability: Open Market
Operation Time: 1 hour
ACC/TS: 10/20 Climb: 10 Toughness: 1 Weight: 2 with case Notes: Tiny (-3 to Hit)

Harbin “Leidiao” Drone

This bleeding-edge drone is still in the testing phase by the Chinese government, but early reports say it will be the hottest, stealthiest recon drone on the market. It is rumored that a few prototypes are already on the black market and if so they will surely be in high demand for this marvel of technology. The Leidiao uses vectored-thrust jets giving it VTOL capabilities and
unmatched flight maneuverability. This drone in the top-of-the-line in unmanned recon and is excellent in a light fighter jet role.

Cost: ¥120,000,000,000
Operation Time: 4 hour
Weapons: Kinetic Kill missile Range: 100/200/400 Damage: 4d8 RoF: 1 Shots: 2 Notes: Heavy Weapon, Large Burst Template
ACC/TS: 50/100 Climb: 40 Toughness: 10(2) Weight: 300 Notes: Anti-Missle COunter measures (-2 to lock on with guided missiles), Autonomous Computer (Knowledge: Cryptology d12, Piloting d8, Shooting d10, Stealth d12), built-in GPS, low light vision, radar system

Harbin “Yindubao” Drone

This cutting-edge ground drone is capable of extreme high speed over nearly any terrain with its quad walker design. Created primarily for both military and law enforcement it is becoming increasingly more popular with security firms and private corporations wanting a little better internal security. The Yindubao features an excellent sensory system, onbaord gyroscopic controls, and special ‘chameleon skin’ technology for outstanding motionless visual concealment. Be warned, the Yindubao lights up like a beackon in IR during and after high-speed operation.

Cost: ¥60,000,000,000
Upgrades: Climbing Ability (Wall Walker Monstrous Ability) + ¥8,000,000,000, Manipulator Arms + ¥2,300,000,000
Operation Time: 4 Hours
Acc/TS: 30/60 Toughness: 4(1) Notes: Low Light/x10 Telescopic zoom video camera, runs hor (+ 4 IR detection), Shotgun Microphone, d10 Stealth (+ 4 while motionless), Walker

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