Cherry Automotive Corporation


“As sweet and lovely as a cherry.”

Out of Beijing, China, Cherry Automotive has been the top exporter of vehicles around the world for nearly a decade. We at Cherry are also committed to protecting the environment with and nearly pollution-less vehicles.



Cherry Executor

This sports car needs no introduction! Sure it’s one of the more expensive high-performance vehicles without VTOL capitulates. But is impossibly sleek paint job, blacker than black is by far our more popular, makes it all worth it even if it does require a special cleaning fluid. Don’t take our word for it, ask Dominator Pizza who manages an exclusive contract with us for these remarkable vehicles for their 30 minutes or less delivery service.

Cost: ¥1,500,000,000,000
Upgrades: Performance Tires (reduced turning penalty), Smart Car (no driver required),
ACC/TS: 40/60 Toughness: 7(3) Crew: 1+1 Notes: Air Bags, Nitro Boost (Top Speed + 5 for 1 minute)

VTOL Craft

Cherry Light VTOL Car

Are you ready to take to the air? This light, compact VTOL capable vehicle is most people’s first. Popular in both the civilian and military markets for is low price and reliability. Feel like a marine when you drive this beauty though the countryside!

Cost: ¥50,000,000,000
Upgrades: Smart Car (d6 Driving/Piloting), + 1,800,000,000, Lojack Service (if stolen transmitter activated to help authorities recover) + 1,000,000,000 per month
ACC/TS: 25/140 Climb: 12 Toughness: 7(3) Crew: 1+2 Notes: Air Bags, ejection seats, full environmental control, VTOL

Cherry Automotive Corporation

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