Black Knight Industries


“Innovation Squared.”

Based in Flint, Michigan, Black Knight Industries is the leader in weapons development for the Great Lakes Union. We are committed to enuring personal freedom with superior firepower. This ideal is reflected in our uncommonly high-quality assault rifles, combat shotguns, and handguns. Because at Black Knight Industries, we know that you need you weapons to the first time, because their may not be a second time.


Power Armor

Black Knight Sentinel

This imposing and intimidating design shall strike fear in thine enemy’s heart and it a favorite security forces that can afford them. But fear not, it takes not a kings ransom compared to modern golemmechs. You will be feel the knights of olde in this King Arthur inspired tactical assault armor which seamlessly merges a medieval jousting rigs with SWAT armor that belies its incredible speed and maneuverability. Each suit is equipped with the Knight’s Lance Mk 2, a heavy particle beam cannon aesthetically designed to look like a knight’s jousting lance. To complete the knight look BKI offers a matching composite heavy shield (for an additional ¥5,000,000,000 see Knight’s Shield). Thou owest to thine self to have such noble protection.

Cost: ¥275,000,000,000
Weapons: Heavy Particle Beam Cannon (Range: 30/60/120 Damage: 2d10 RoF: 1 Shots: 60 Notes: Heavy Weapon)

Armor: 5 Weight: 560 (powered down) 40 (powered) Notes: + 2 Strength and Strength linked rolls, equipped with shield adds + 1 Parry and + 2 to hit at Ranged, environmental protection

Donner Power Armor

This honorable suit is upon the cutting-edge of technology at BKI. Its power source is a micro-fusion engine that powers an experimental built in laser blaster (Laser Lance). Thy armor is nimble as yon cat and twice as graceful. All at a price that won’t empty thy king’s coffers.

Cost: ¥200,000,000,000
Weapons: Laser Lance (Range: 20/40/80 Damage: 3d6 RoF: 1 Shots: 60 Notes: Heavy Weapon)

Armor: 3 Weight: 300 (powered down) 40 (powered) Notes: + 1 Strength and Strength linked rolls, equipped with shield adds + 1 Parry and + 2 to hit at Ranged, + 1 bonus to Agility rolls, environmental protection

The Knight’s Shield

Styled after the knights of olde, this durable composite shield designed for the modern world. It features our patented looking glass material that allows the wielder to see through it as if it were plexiglass while resembling a fully opaque shield on the outside. Perfect for riots. It is best used with Black Knight’s quality power armors.

Cost: ¥5,000,000,000
Weight: 12 Notes: adds + 1 Parry and + 2 to hit at Ranged


Mosquito Storm Handgun

The handgun is small enough to fit in milady’s smallest of handbag yet powerful enough to dissuade any villain seeking to spoil any fair maiden. The Mosquito Storm is small rotating barrel automatic pistol or Gatling pistol made famous by MMORPG Deadlands.

Cost: ¥1,500,000,000
Range: 12/24/48 Damage: 2d4 RoF: 4 Weight: 3 Shots: 36 Ammunition: XXXXX Min Str: N/A Notes: Auto)


Enforcer Rail Gun

This weapon fires a metal slug at supersonic velocities by using a series of electromagnets set on rails to accelerate it after an initial compressed air push. Designed as the premiere in sniping technology this weapon creates no muzzle flash and is quieter than traditional firearms while having more stopping power.

Cost: Military
Range: 30/60/120 Damage: 3d8+1 RoF: 1 Weight: 18 Shots: 4 Ammunition: Railgun Slug Min Str: d8 Notes: Heavy Weapon, Notice roll to hear it fire


Tiger Claw Close Assault Shotgun

When the fighting gets close and ugly, the Tiger Claw saves the day! Now sold with bio-degradable projectiles! Own the infamous combat shotgun that shoots tiny shards of plastic designed to deal maximum tissue damage! Note that local (Geneva Convention) regulations prevent us from selling the Tiger Claw Rounds to certain regions of the world.

Cost: ¥1,800,000,000
Range: 4/8/12 Damage: 1-3d6 RoF: 2 Weight: 12 Shots: 12 Ammunition: 20g Shotgun or Tiger Claw Rounds *Min Str: N/A Notes: Auto, +2 Shooting, Shotgun)

Note: The tiny plastic slivers fired that make the Tiger Claw Rounds are very difficult to remove, so anybody who was wounded by a weapon of this type incurs an additional -1 penalty for Healing rolls.

Heavy Weapons

Black Knight Liberator Mini Gun

This room clearing weapon is an air-cooled Gatling style weapon with six, count them six, barrels that rotate by an electric motor. No weapon on the market has a higher rate of fire for a personal weapon than this. Thy enemies will transform into chunky salsa with liberal use of the the liberator!

This weapon requires a gyro harness to use properly. Without the harness, the weapon has both a Snapfire penalty and further reduces the pace of the user by 2 (in addition to the half Pace).

Cost: Military
Range: 30/60/120 Damage: 2d8 RoF: 6 Weight: 60 Shots: 360 Ammunition: 7.62mm Min Str: d10 Notes: Auto, half Pace, Snapife without harness)

Melee Weapons

Excalibur monofilament longsword

Our highest quality melee weapon fashioned after the legendary sword of King Arthur. However, this be no museum piece. It is a fully functional weapon with a monofilament edge capable of cutting through the strongest of armor. Be the king of your cribsec with your own custom Excalibur!

Cost: ¥5,800,000,000
Damage: Strength + d8 + 2 Weight: 8 Notes: Heavy Weapon

Marauder’s Heavy Flail

This updated version of the classic medieval weapon of war has been fully re-engineered for use in the 21st century! This modern version is equipped with fully extending and retracting chain for use as whip and chain weapon with a heavy laser cut spiked ball more maximum devastation. This weapon is popular with bounty hunters who need a weapon for protection, but can also bring the the bounty head in alive. It comes with an instructional video filled with tips on how to wield this incredible useful weapon while minimizing harming ones self in the process.

Cost: ¥2,300,000,000
Damage: Strength + d6 + 1 Weight: 10 Notes: Min Str d8, Roll of 1 Fighting die harms wielder, Reach 1 when extended, Ignores shield Parry and Cover bonus

Black Knight Industries

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