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“Peace Through Overwhelming Firepower”

Based out of Houston, Texas we at Act of God Armaments are fully committed to arm you with the latest in state-of-the-art firearms and armor to protect you and yours from some commie heathen gang banger drugged out of his mind looking for his next ‘score’. Yessiree, with more than thirty years in the business with good, honest Christian values you can count on receiving the highest quality weapons for both self-defense and recreation. We personally guarantee each weapon as our in house pastors consecrate all of our products as part of our rigorous quality assurance. Truly, our guns are blessed by god, can you say that about yours?


Power Armor

AGA Loviatar

This limited edition completely ‘chromed’ out suit of power armor is AGA’s standout model. Distract and daze your enemies in this flashy, form-fitting suit then hit ’em with the hidden retractable monowhips built into the wrist bracers of the armor.

Cost: ¥2,499,999,999,999
Armor: +6
Weight: 260 Powered Down, 13 powered and worn
Protects: head, torso, arms, legs
Armament: Monowhip x2 (Damage: Str + d8 Notes: Agility Damage, Entangle, Reach 3, Surprise Attack)
Notes: +2 Agility Rolls, +1 to Strength/Strength linked Skills

ATR Tactical Support Suit

The ATR is our basic suit of power armor though it is anything but basic. Designed with military units and large security companies in mind, it has a rugged, field-proven track record and price tag that will keep you in the black.

Cost: ¥1,999,999,999,999 or ¥20,999,999,999,999 for twelve (a savings of ¥2,999,999,999,999!)
Armor: +4
Weight: 420 Powered Down, 21 powered and worn
Protects: head, torso, arms, legs
Armament: Grenade Launcher (Range: 5/10/20 Damage: Load RoF: 1 Shots: 6 Notes: )
Notes: +1 die step to Strength/Strength linked Skills


AGA Thunderbolt Pistol

This is the signature weapon of Hunter Clark, yes thee Hunter Clark famous retrieval expert and big game hunter. Formerly restricted to select persons, we here at AGA told the Government, “you can’t deny OUR customers their 2nd amendment rights any longer!” This fine pistol in now available on the open market. It uses a custom .50 caliber rifle round we cut down to fit this hand cannon. We placed recoil compensators with reduce the bone-shattering power of this monster*. But don’t worry, just give that godless liberal parasite one look at this menacing piece o’ Texas pride and odds are they’ll go running back to their hippie commune (brandishing this weapon yields a +1 Intimidation bonus). It comes standard with a DNA thumb print analyzers so only you and those you want to use it can, as well as; a built-in Hyper Object allowing easy interfacing with any tactical software. Comes in three colors: matte black, steel blue, or chrome.

*Note: even with the compensators the weapon suffers a -1 per die step lower than the Minimum Strength.

Cost: ¥149,999,999
Range: 15/30/60 Damage: 2d10+2 RoF: 1 Weight: 12 Shots: 5 Caliber: .50 Min Str: d10 Notes: DNA Analyzer, Hyper Object

Gyroc™ Pistol

Looking to outfit your security/police force with an inexpensive and realiable weapon that can be used in a multitude of situations? Well look no further, friend, we here at AGA have the perfect solution that ‘rocket’ business to the top. Our patented Gyroc™ system uses rocket-propelled gyro-jet rounds that come in a variety of load outs to fit whatever role you need this weapon to fill. Need to prevent gang bangers from taking over you streets? Use Frag Rockets get the most bang for your buck. Or do you need to break up some hippie peace rally without killing? Use our special non-lethal rounds or tear gas rounds.

Note: Gyroc™ weapons can fire either a light rocket 2d8 or heavy rock 2d10. The heavy rocket round reduces the number of shots by half the weapon can fire before reload.

Cost: ¥1,999,999,999
Gyroc™ Special Purpose Rockets (cost per 10 rounds): Frag Rockets (Medium Burst Template)¥999,999, Genius Rockets (ignore up to 2 Cover) ¥4,999,999, High Explosive (Heavy Weapon)¥3,00,000, Incendiary (+ 1d6 Fire damage, chance to catch on fire) ¥3,499,999, Non-Lethal (non-lethal damage) ¥499,999, Signal Flare (+4 to Notice) ¥249,999, Smoke (Obscure Power) ¥299,999

Range: 20/40/80 Damage: 2d8/2d10 RoF: 1 Weight: 5 Shots: 8/4 Caliber: Gyroc™ Min Str: N/A Notes: Cover -1, DNA Analyzer, Small Burst Template, Rangefinder

AGA Whirlwind Auto-Repeater Pistol

This firearm bridges the gap between automatic pistols and sub-machine guns bringing you the best of both worlds. It has the compact size of a pistol with the high rate of fire of a SMG! Its mostly composite construction make it both light and difficult to detect. Available in the standard six inch barrel and three inch snub-nose when concealment is critical.

Cost: ¥2,749,999,999
Range: 12/24/48 Snub nose: 6/12/24 Damage: 2d6+1 RoF: 4 Weight: 3 Snub nose: 2 Shots: 12 Caliber: .45 Pistol Min Str: N/A Notes: Auto, Shooting -1

AGA .454 Ultra-Magnum

We’ve taken this classic revolver and super-charged it for use against today’s modern ballistic armors giving this pistol more stopping power than it ever had before. Tried and true this firearm won’t let you down no matter what the environment. A perfect weapon for those who the power of the thunderbolt but don’t have the strength the wield it.

Cost: ¥1,499,999,999
Range: 15/30/60 Damage: 2d8 RoF: 1 Weight: 7 Shots: 6 Caliber: .455 Pistol Min Str: d6 Notes:None

AGA .45 Peacemaker

This is fully functional replica of the, ‘gun that won the west’. It comes in gunmetal black, steel blue, and nickel plated chrome with a variety of handles or ‘hog legs’ from sandalwood to cloned ivory. It makes the perfect gift for the holidays! Please specify for double-action or single action revolver.

Cost: ¥999,999,995
Range: 12/24/48 Damage: 2d6+1 RoF: 1 Weight: 3 Shots: 6 Caliber: .45 Pistol Min Str: N/A Notes:None


Gauss Sniper Rifle

Gauss is a German word that means, “Great.” Here at AGA, we also think it means so quiet you could sneak up to a herd of dear at fifty yards shoot that seven point buck and not scare the rest of the herd. Not that you’d need to get that close. This weapon has effective ranges more than double of the leading competitor’s rifles. Gauss weapons work by shoot a ferrous projectile, an iron or iron alloy bullet, with a bunch of super-conductive electromagnetic coils that surround the precision machined barrel.

Cost: ¥3,499,999,999
Range: 50/100/200 Damage: 3d8 RoF: 1 Weight: 18 Shots: 6 Caliber: Gauss Rifle Min Str: d8 Notes: DNA Analyzer, Hyper Object, -2 Notice being fired, Snapfire

Gyroc™ Rifle

This is the larger longer range higher capacity* version of the Gyroc™ pistol. This rifle is our best seller to security and police forces all around the world. We sell a million every year, and a million people can’t be wrong. Like the pistol, the rifle propels via magnets rocket-propelled smart rounds that explode at a pre-programmed target or air burst.

Note: Gyroc™ weapons can fire either a light rocket 2d8 or heavy rock 2d10. The heavy rocket round reduces the number of shots by half the weapon can fire before reload.

Cost: ¥2,999,999,999
Gyroc™ Special Purpose Rockets (cost per 10 rounds): Frag Rockets (Medium Burst Template)¥999,999, Genius Rockets (ignore up to 2 Cover) ¥4,999,999, High Explosive (Heavy Weapon)¥3,00,000, Incendiary (+ 1d6 Fire damage, chance to catch on fire) ¥3,499,999, Non-Lethal (non-lethal damage) ¥499,999, Signal Flare (+4 to Notice) ¥249,999, Smoke (Obscure Power) ¥299,999

Range: 35/70/140 Damage: 2d8/2d10 RoF: 1 Weight: 10 Shots: 30/8 Caliber: Gyroc™ Min Str: d6 Notes: Cover -1, DNA Analyzer, Small Burst Template, Rangefinder


AGA Street Howitzer Shotgun

Do you need to clear a large area by filling the air with as much lead as possible? Act of God Armaments has the solution you’ve been looking for. The Street Howitzer has the highest rate of fire among leading combat shotguns! The weapon is designed for SWAT team room clearing, and don’t take our word for it. Every Texas SWAT team has this weapon standard issue. This weapon is maneuverable enough to be fired in melee combat.

Cost: ¥12,999,999,999
Range: 6/12/24 Damage: 1-3d6 RoF: 1-3 Weight: 14 Shots: 18 Caliber: 12g Shotgun Min Str: d6 Notes: Any Armor gains +2, Shooting + 2, Shotgun

Special Weapons

AGA Cyclone EMP Gun

Do you find yourself having problems with those soulless androids or combat drones? You need our Cyclone EMP gun! This weapon employs a burst of electromagnetic energy that knocks out unshielded electrical devices in a snap. Though the weapon has a relatively short range anything caught in the conical area of effect with be lights out. Your opponent will know what its like to be back in the 19th century!

Range: Cone Template Damage: 2d6 (electronics only) RoF: 1 Weight: 10 Shots: 3 Caliber: Ion Battery Pack Min Str: N/A Notes: Area Effect (page 65 SWD)

AGA X-2 Particle Beam Rifle

A fine product of Act of God Armaments, the AGA X-2 particle beam rifle is a directed energy weapon which fires electrons at near-light speeds to impact on targets with nearly 1 gigajoule of kinetic energy. The speed at which this weapon fires and the resultant force renders modern ballistic armor nearly useless.

Fine Print: While a potentially devastating weapon, the AGA X-2 has its share of problems. The weapon has to recharge after it is fired, which takes 2 rounds. Additionally, some models are prone to overcharging which can result in atomic explosions. Any time snake eyes is rolled on a Shooting attack the weapon’s energy cartridge has reached critical mass and will explode, doing 3d10 damage to everything in a large burst template within 1d4 rounds. The cartridge can be ejected and thrown, providing the character has time to do so.

Range: 10/20/40 Damage: 2d10 RoF: 1 Weight: 40 Shots: 10 Caliber: Hyrogen Cell Min Str: d6 Notes: Reload 2, Unstable


AGA Mauler

This fine machine represents AGA’s first foray into the personal heavy weapon’s platform business. While it may not have the field testing of other companies golemechs, you know you can trust our blessed products to be the highest of quality. The Mauler is specially designed for urban warfare with a smaller and lighter frame than the competition. It’s fast and versatile and turns on a dime. Its intimidating design sports spiked pauldrons and a skull-like head.

Equipment: The Mauler comes standard with a high-security locks and alarm system (Lockpicking -4 to bypass), an anti-accident system including front and side air bags, on board fire-fighting system, ABS brakes, gyroscopic stabilizers to prevent accidental destruction of the golemech (+ 2 Driving/Piloting rolls to perform Hard Brake and turns), Fully armored cockpit, encrypted comm link (Hacking -2 to decipher), GPS, full life support systems including radiation shielding, and remote shut down.

Weapons: Twin Liberator mini guns (Range: 30/60/120 Damage: 2d8 + 2 RoF: 6 Shots: 300 Notes: Auto), Pauldron mini rockets (Rnage: 12/24/48 Damage: 3d6 RoF: 2 Shots: 2 Notes: Heavy Weapon, Small Burst Template)

Acceration/Top Speed: 6/30 Toughness: 20 (5) Crew: 1 Notes: 12 hours operation

Upgrades: advanced alarm system (-6 penalty to Lockpicking),drone remote system (No pilot needed all rolls -2), long range pauldron mini missiles (Range: 24/48/96 Damage: 3d6 RoF: 2 Shots: 2 Notes: + 2 Shooting, Heavy Weapon, Small Burst Template), Jump Jets (3" vertical leap), survival kit

Weapon Modifications

Why have a off the rake standard weapon when you can customize it with the latest technology and create a weapon as individualistic as you. All AGA weapons can be customized with these (except when noted).

Carbine Pistol Kit

Need extra range and stability with your pistol? Add the AGA carbine pistol kit to your favorite handgun and make it a carbine. The kit works for any of the outstanding AGA pistol line! Altering a pistol to a carbine takes ten minutes (1 minute with a successful Repair roll) and alters the Range to 20/40/80.
Cost: ¥369,999,999

Custom Grips

A special mold is take of your hands as well as advanced telemetry data on your shooting style and we at AGA engineer your weapon around you! You will see an instant improvement in your shooting (this upgrade gives the character Trademark weapon, any other character using this weapon suffers a -1).
Cost: ¥12,999,999,999

DNA Analyzer

While many of our current and future line of fine firearms with have his fanatics technology fulling integrated into our design many of our weapons do not come equipped with this advanced safety feature. The DNA Analyzer is keyed to a single individual or group (up to one hundred). A sensor on the grip checks the peron holding on to the weapon against the list of persons authorized to use it. If they person is not authorized, the weapon simply fails to fire.
Cost: ¥149,999,999

Flash Light

This is a basic but important modification for security teams as as police officers. Afterall, you can’t hit what you can’t see. This mounts a small but powerful flashlight under the barrel of the weapon providing more than a day’s worth of constant illumination. Provides light in Cone Template area. Also available in Infrared (for use with night vision).
Cost: ¥39,999,999; ¥6,999,999 for IR

FOF Identifier

This is perfect for security and police organizations who want to reduce the number of friendly fire incidents to zero. By utilizing the data base maintained in the DNA Analyzer and an encrypted chip on the person’s body (either in an ident-badge or sub-dermal implant) the weapon “knows” who are friendly targets and will no fire at them.
Cost: ¥33,999,999,999 for the entire system. Note: all affected weapons must be equipped with DNA Analyzers to work.

Laser Sight

This modification places a laser dot on the exact location the weapon is going to fire. The laser sight is equipped with advanced wind, weather, and rangefinder sensors to take the guess work and math out of sniping. This reduces Range penalties by 1 when used with an Aim maneuver.
Cost: ¥769,999,999


This handy modification is perfect for hunting making your weapon shots almost whisper quiet. At the same time reducing the weapon flash to almost nothing. In fact during field testing weapons equipped with this modification woke a sleeping baby less than a yard away less than once per ten tries. If it won’t wake a sleeping baby, imagine how hard your target is going to have noticing you. This modification provides a -2 to Notice to detect he weapon shooting.
Cost: ¥3,499,999,999

Act of God Armaments

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